Diffaith was released by Hundred Acre Recordings on 07 April 2011, download only.

The album is available to stream in its entirety, at no cost, on this website but, if you feel like taking it with you and putting a couple of coins in the hat in exchange, here’s a downloadable version on Bandcamp.


Diffaith (Welsh) 1. wilderness n.m. desert n.m. waste adj. desert adj. base adj. mean adj.


Diffaith by Tim Noble

Peopled with phantoms, scarred by memories, littered with abandoned hopes. Silence floats through barren hills, resentments fester in forgotten glades, violence slumbers in blackened ruins.

The landscape is timeless, wild… No map describes its contours. It gives itself up only to those who would explore its hollows.


  1. Llyn Conach
  2. Blaenmelindwr
  3. Bwlchystyllen
  4. Llawr-y-cwm-bach
  5. Plas y Mynydd
  6. Disgwylfa Fach